December 13, 2007

A Blue & Yellow Horizon

How could I go past this momentus day and not post to say finally, FINALLY we can see a lovely blue & yellow horizon not far from our house. Worked it out yet?

IKEA has arrived!!!!!!!!

Not only have we finally got an Ikea here now it couldn't be in a more perfect location, its not even 5 minutes from my house! They must've realised I lived nearby when they were looking for a site. This makes me so happy, I just love Ikea and really missed not having one here. Although' saying that I haven't had time to go yet and I have no money, but I think I will be venturing there for some yummy meatballs very soon!

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December 09, 2007

Where to Begin...?

Yes I am still here....but the question is...are you? I have been so rubbish with posting lately that I will be surprised if anyone reads my blog anymore. But I didn't start this to get readers, I started it for myself and to help get myself motivated. I have become terribly disorganised lately and it seems this is all I seem to be talking about. But I feel like I can't see the wood for the trees. Its silly really because I am sure if I took a step back there is not that much going on, but my head is slow clouded that even a small amount of stuff in there seems like mountains.

Anyhoo, I thought I would briefly recap over all the things that have been going on...

...I think I am some kind of volunteering problem because I keep saying yes to people when they ask me to do things for them and this has been getting out of control lately. Even when I had decided that I was already doing too much and volunteering for too much I found myself offering to do the artwork for a DVD of Emilys nativity, I have even dragged Warren into it, who is now filming and editing the video! Just to give you a brief idea of some of the things going on - last week I was an elf (yes an elf!) in a Christmas drama comedy thing, which was a fundraiser for Emilys school. How did I say yes to that one? I am also designing and hand making the invitations for my friends wedding, making scenery for the playgroup (which I just can't get my head around), I joined the pre-school committee and volunteered for you can see I can't help myself...

...I have also got a couple of freelance design jobs hanging about which I have yet to start

...I started working in Marks and Spencer this week. It is such a weird experience for me after not working with the public for god knows how many years, let alone not working at all for the past 4 years. I will be working in the food hall four nights a week, which will be very busy indeed. I had a whole 16 hours of training last week, which I have to say is very impressive and I really enjoyed it. But I did miss the little monkeys when I worked all day on Saturday, its the longest I've been apart from Harrison too. for blogging, housework or anything else for that matter, when have I possibly got time!? So maybe you'll see me about and maybe you won't. I don't think I can give up altogether, but it certainly is taking a sideline at the moment...


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